Friday, March 19, 2010

Mother - Daughter

Etsy has called for mother/daughter and mother/son teams to tell their stories. Here is ours...

Mother/daughter... Lois/Morgan... friend in her 40's/friend in her 20's... melancholy/choleric... artist-craftsman/artist-designer... and the lines start to blur...

Lois: I think Morgan has an impeccable sense of style. We have called her the "keeper of the wardrobe" since she was very young.

Morgan: Mom is usually the voice of reason when I want to keep adding ribbons here and just one more jewel over here :). She is a classy lady with a love of all things feminine.

Lois: Morgan sees things as they can be. Her designs are intuitive, cutting edge, and classy.

Morgan: Mom has a mind for details every detail is important. She tends to create cute, funky, and elegant designs.

Lois: Many times when we work together, Morgan dictates the design and I craft it out.

Morgan: Other times we start with a particular inspiration and start laying things out and brainstorming.

Lois: Our opinions are mutually respected and often strong. However we do not always agree...

Morgan: that is when we decide to make versatile peices that are detachable so you can wear whatever "it" is Morgan or Lois style :).

Lois: We started creating things together about six years ago. We made accessories (mostly flower/feather pins and headbands).

Morgan: Now we love to create beautiful accessories for men and women as well as clothing of all kinds.

Lois: We share a room in my daughter's house.

Morgan: A room over flowing with fabric, antique lace, and about a zillion buttons. Our creative space is another area where my mom and I differ... She must work in a clean and neat environment (she is responsible for all the labeled bins) and I prefer chaos!

Lois: I think we are inspired by almost anything! An old abandoned building covered in kudzu... A haute couture dress that is impossibly chic... New fabric... Blank canvases... Old bits and pieces that seem like their time is used up... Beauty in nature...

Morgan: Unique fabrics... Our rich southern history is a huge draw for our inspiration.

Lois & Morgan: We have an amazing working relationship. We both give 100%. We both are willing to invest not only our time, but also our finances.

Lois: We have not yet made it to the place where Morgan can quit her day job. I am the wife of an international minister that travels full time and the mother of four children, so my time is also limited, but we both continue to give to this endeavor. I think because we see the potential, but for me its about the creating. The urge in me to create is so strong, it is motivating.

Morgan: Our photographs are as important to us as our products. Much time and thought goes into where to shoot, what look to create, and how to effectively use the models.

Lois: My second daughter Megan is a wonderful model! Jordan, my 16 year old son, loves fashion almost as much as Morgan and has a unique sense of style. We have used him as well as my youngest, Judah, for photo shoots and inspiration. After the photo shoot, we gather around the computer to look and critique our photos.

My husband is very supportive of what we do. Our shop title says "it's a family thing". Our family is extremely close. For 10 plus years we have travelled together full time (mostly living in various travel trailers as we drove coast to coast). That's six people in a very small space. You learn to be close or you can't survive. Mutual respect and love of family keep us centered on what really matters.