Monday, February 15, 2010

Paul McCall Bow-Ties

It is finally here!!
For quite some time we have been wanting to get some "guy stuff" in our boutique. Introducing Paul McCall Bow-Ties! We are very enthusiastic about our latest project! These bow-ties are modern and interesting with contrasting patterns on the front and back. E. W. McCall is about being unique and eclectic and we feel this latest project is no exception!
Check out all the colors @

(check out the orange stitching on this one, it's all in the details :)

Interesting Fact: Bow ties originated among early Croatian mercenaries.Funny huh??
It is said they used scarfs to hold their shirts together at the top.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Check out our Valentine's Day
inspired accessories!

A very special thank you to our models: Megan E. Greene and Jerrod D. Runkel

Random Facts (or Urban Legend):

Wearing the color RED makes your heart beat faster...

There are at least 23 shades of RED crayons...

Monday, February 8, 2010

St. Valentine's Day
February 14th a day either dreaded or anticipated depending on your romantic situation at the time. For those in a relationship the stresses of what to buy for your valentine, because the gift is crucial and most likely decides your future relationship status, weighs heavily on your mind-choose wisely. Or if you are single on this holiday you may act like it is just another day that happens to be full of sappiness and nasty chocolate. Another option is spending the day with other single friends. Or possibly sit home (alone) in bed (alone) reading a romance novel (alone). A romance you have read so many times you have marked your favorite pages and reading the book is like a highlight reel of your favorite parts. I think most everyone has been in both situations. So whether your gazing at things you know your significant other cannot afford, (hey, you are still holding out hope he will win the lottery and be able to buy you that island off the coast of Fiji). Or if you are ordering a whole pizza (black olives only) just for you and your book-make the most of the day, be with the ones you love. Enjoy St. Valentine's Day!

History Lesson:
As you may know, Valentine's Day is named after the patron St. Valentine. What you may not know is that the legend of St. Valentine is shrouded in mystery. Some historians believe that there were several saints dubbed Valentine and that the original St. Valentine had nothing to do with lovers, cards or confectionery. Many historians agree that the majority of these saints were martyred (hhmm). My favorite legend concerning St. Valentine says that he was a priest. he lived in third century Rome. The emperor at the time, Claudius II, decided that no more young men in his country could get married. He believed that unmarried men were better soldiers. Even though it was against the law to do so, St. Valentine married young lovers in secret. He was later found out and put to death for it.

Random Facts by the Numbers:
904: Is the number of dating services in America (as of 2002) including internet services.
515: The number of establishments that produce non-chocolate confectionery.
188,000,000: The number of Valentines cards sent annually.
over 50%: The number of Valentine's Day cards purchased the week of Valentine's Day.

"Love does not dominate; it cultivates."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe