Monday, December 13, 2010

Greene Green Christmas

This is our tree from last year! After aging in the woods behind our house for 11 or so months, it was ready to dress. It's the perfect Greene green tree! :)
(We even have battery powered tea lights that we are saving to turn on til Christmas!)

That heart shaped ornament in the picture above were handmade by me and my kids. We have done this on several occasions. It's super easy and a lot of fun. You mix applesauce and ground cinnamon, then roll it and use cookie cutters! Let them air dry and they last a long time! And smell like Christmas year after year!

The long skinny one is a vintage bulb I inherited from my Grandmother...
(aka Mimi, aka Mrs. E W McCall)
This creature feeding on my mantel is a...? Not entirely sure, but I found it at Last Chance Thrift Store a few weeks ago on half off day. Paid something like 50 cents. I love him.
This nativity set was handed down to me from Colonel E W McCall. I really really loved this as a kid. I always admired it. Now it is mine!
Our stockings are sporting everyone's first and middle initials in burlap string. There are six in our family (7, including our new son-in-law! and 8 this year with Nana!)
I love this tree with all the mirrors!

E W McCall

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  1. Leave it to you to have something really unique. You are so creative. I love your Nativity set, your creature grazing next to it LOOKS like a donkey to me, so it fits perfectly. So nice to see some of your house, Lois, one day, in the sweet by and by, perhaps I will get to visit you at your house. Your family is growing and it will only continue to get larger over the next several years, so much fun!:) God is SO good!
    Merry Christmas, my friends~ be sure to give Tim a Merry Christmas hug for me, we love you two SO MUCH. I will never forget all that you have contributed to our lives.
    Love and hugs, Cynthia